Frequently Asked Questions

Registration Related

Who can I contact to update or change my registration?

Contact our club registrar at

For traveling soccer, can I get a refund if I accepted my roster spot prior to the season?

After acceptance of a roster spot, refunds are not provided, except in the following cases:

(1) Season-ending injury: If injury occurs prior to May 31, a prorated refund may be granted. If injury occurs after May 31, no refund is given.

(2) Upon approval of the Board of Directors.


A formal request for a registration fee refund must be made to the appropriate gender coordinator.

Why do I need to register for a Summer and a Fall teams separately?

Within the Twin Cities Soccer League (TCSL) the Autumn (Fall) and Summer are considered separate seasons. 

The teams outside our club will vary between the Autumn and Summer season based on interest from those teams. 

Within Dakota Soccer players may elect to only play in the Autumn, Summer or both based on other sports or activities they are involved in.  Because of the different interest levels from players teams will be formed as interested players allow.  

General questions about teams

Who can I contact to see what teams are available?

Contact our team coordinators, they work with our directors of coaching and other board members to try and find spots for all interested players.  Team availability is based on the number of registered players at that age level.  We do our best but in some cases due to low numbers we are not able to create a team for each age group. 

To start the process fill out this form and a member of the Dakota Soccer Board will respond to you within 2 weeks.

Dakota Soccer Player Interest Form


Why do we have volunteer hours and how do I fill them?

The goal of the Dakota Soccer club is to offer a quality program and positive experience for our players at the lowest cost possible.  Most of our board members are volunteers helping the program meet our goal.

Volunteers are needed to assist with functions that require help that the board is unable to do on our own.  Activities like field setup and participation at our various events are ways that you can help.

Throughout the year opportunities will be emailed out to all members of our club asking for assistance.  If you have any questions or would like to know more about upcoming opportunities please contact our volunteer coordinator at

What is the Twin Cities Soccer League?

The Twin Cities Soccer League (TCSL) is the league that Dakota Soccer is a part of.  TCSL manages the league, establishes the rules and creates the schedules for all teams that are a part of the league.  TCSL website can be found here.

Are there different leagues and levels within the Twin Cities Soccer League?

Yes, there are many programs and different levels with these programs.  Dakota Soccer Club primarily participates in the Autumn and Summer seasons.  Details of these programs can be found here

Financial topics

What are the costs associated with the competitive soccer program?

A summary of the costs for the competitive soccer program can be found here.

Who can I speak with to understand the different payment options that are available?

Our Registrar can help you with this, please contact them at

Does Dakota Soccer offer scholarships?

Yes we do!  Please complete our scholarship form and email it to our board at  The board will review your request at the next board meeting and reply to you within 5 days after the schedule board meeting.